Hello Lover,  I am a highly reputable companion based in Nashville, Tenn. I reserve myself for the distinguished gentleman who appreciates a lady with class and intelligence. Your discretion is paramount to me. No need to fear of ever being exposed and our time together will always remain our secret. If you are seeking someone "sleazy"  to spend some time with, then we are not a match.  I always present myself as a lady and I expect to be treated as one.

I thrive on having fun and I am naturally cheerful. I am a lover, and a romantic by heart, always bursting with passion. I have a slim to athletic build, long natural curly red hair and mesmerizing blue bedroom eyes. I work out regularly and am careful with my diet to ensure that I will look my best for you during our date. I have neither body piercing’s or tattoos nor do I smoke or participate in any drugs of any kind. I always dress accordingly: sexy underneath, and classy but discreetly on the outside. I enjoy meeting new and interesting people for intelligent conversation and for romantic interludes.

I am an avid reader and I stay up to date on politics and the world news. Words used to describe me are intelligent, thoughtful, gorgeous, articulate and witty.  I have even been described as having a heart of gold.  I am an entrepeneur.  I own and operate a small business that keeps me pretty busy when I am not entertaining or traveling.

If you enjoy massages, I challenge you to try my NURU massage. I am very confident that I will be able to help you relieve your stress and exhaustion of both your mind and body resulting in you feeling invigorated and addicted to your newfound pastime.  I have yet to hear of one disappointment.  I pride myself as being a certified yoga instructor which greatly helps me deliver the most amazing NURU possible. 

I implore you to discover the difference and allow me to share my time and heart with you until we see each other again. Even if we are never to see each other again, my goal is to create a beautiful memory between us.

"I want a gentleman with an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent mind. I want a gentleman for whom philosophical discussion is foreplay.  I want a gentleman who sometimes makes me go ouch due to their wit and evil sense of humor.  I want a gentleman that I can reach out and touch randomly.  I want a gentleman I can cuddle with.  I AM SAPIOSEXUAL"

Height: 5'7
Weight: 135
Bust:  36C
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue

I am a romantic by heart.  I am not a pornstar provider. I don't dominate, roleplay, or accommodate fetishes.  No, I won't wear a strap-on and do you in the Ass. SO DON'T ASK!


It is here that I present to you a few simple suggestions to make your date with me possible, easy to schedule, all that it can be and more. In order to enjoy spending time with any companion, you need to learn how to discuss their services correctly. While some of those reading this might be well versed in chatting up escorts, this list is more for the novice client who has little to no clue of how to go about it. It could also be considered a helpful guide for those up and coming escorts who need a few guidelines to get started. As such, there are a few things we all need to understand. So let's get started...

1. Escorts DO NOT sell sex. (While some people often confuse Escorts and Prostitutes the big difference is simple. Escorts sell their time, not sexual acts. What happens during the time spent with an escort is up to two or more consenting adults who possess similar likes and interests. It's that simple. )

2. Because of what was mentioned in one (1.) you will discover escorts DO NOT talk to clients about sex in any form or manner. This is just as inappropriate as if you were setting up a traditional date. The reason is as mentioned above. They are selling their time. Any discussion of this topic will end our conversation and everyone loses.

3. This is a biggy! NEVER associate a sex act with a fee or a rate. Escorts are not prostitutes. The only people who attempt to associate sex with a fee when communicating with an escort either work for a government agency or police department. Making this fee/act association will end a conversation with me immediately and once again everyone loses.  DO NOT ASK A LADY OF HER RATES WHEN THEY CAN BE FOUND ON HER WEBSITE OR ELSEWHERE.  Asking this question only makes you look stupid and lazy since you didn't take the time to view her rates before you contacted her.

4. When first contacting an escort, usually via our booking page or other means, be sure to supply as much information you feel comfortable providing; including your name, your age, a general location, etc. Escorts are going to learn all of this information anyway so why not get started on the right foot, plus it makes the whole process run a lot smoother and faster. If not, we will probably not have the opportunity to visit one another. Like you, safety is our number one priority. Something to avoid is sending an email with lewd, crude wishes and wants. These usually get ignored and it halts communication.

5. NEVER make the escort ask for money. They are providing a service after all. When you meet with your companion be sure to leave the donation on the dresser, bed, coffee table, etc. and always in plain view. Never ever mention the money when you do so.

6. Have any important documents or information prepared for the escort to view if it's required of you. If you don't trust your escort enough to see your Information then you need to look elsewhere for companionship. If an escort cannot determine that you are not a form of oppressive puritan society then they cannot visit with you because they take a chance on meeting an undesirable client, a member of some kind of harassing government agency or a client who might mean them harm.

7. DO NOT treat us like an item/object. We are human beings just like you and have feelings. Treat us as you would have someone treat you and you're likely to make a life long friend and have a hell of a lot more fun. The only time this doesn't apply is in role playing exercises providing it's consensual.

8. Lastly, a nice gesture would be to tip your escort, even if it's a minor amount. Everyone likes to be told that they enjoyed their time with us and this gesture, if even $10.00 or a nice gift or giftcard makes a world of difference.

Well, there you have it. I promise you if you follow these simple suggestions you will never have a problem contacting an escort, setting up an appointment, having a great first meeting or enjoying your new found friend. The memories which can be generated by your success in following these suggestions are golden. Do yourself and the escort a favor and play nice.



PLEASE VISIT MY FAQ PAGE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MY SERVICES AND WHAT     THEY ENTAIL. I am a romantic by heart. I am not a pornstar provider.  I don't dominate, roleplay or accommodate fetishes. No, I won't wear a strap-on and do you in the ass.   SO PLEASE DON'T ASK!

I choose only the highest level of accommodations.  Discretion is paramount.


THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL $25.00 FOR OUTCALLS (for parking and drive-time) PLEASE ADD $50.00 MORE FOR ANY NURU MASSAGE (This charge is for the additional 30 minutes it takes to prepare for our time together and to break down the equipment afterwards) ANY MILEAGE OVER 20 MILES IS AN ADDITIONAL COST DEPENDING ON HOW FAR AWAY YOU ARE. 

Recommend me to your friend and both of you will receive $50.00 off at time of service. 

Each hour - 125 This time is reserved for those gentlemen who is seeking to spend more quality time with me in a more sociable setting and outside of the "office" which will allow us to get to know one another on a more intimate level or to calm those jitters of yours that you may have when meeting me for the first time.  I would love to join you for a bite to eat, canoing, site-seeing or a night out on the town. If you are a newbie who may be a bit shy or nervous then this option would be perfect for you.  I will be happy to check your screening information at this time. 

1 hour -  375   1.5 hours - 500                                                  
2 hours - 625    each additional hour - 250
Gfe sleepover - 1,300 (approx. 12 hours) Dinner must be included

1 hour - 375  1.5 hours - 500   2 hours - 625   
We start or time together in the shower where I will spoil you with lots of attention while scrubbing and massaging your entire body with special exfoliating gloves and lightly scented soap.  Use your imagination on what we can do with one another in the shower.  LET'S PLAY HIDE THE SUBMARINE!

MASSAGES To learn more about my massages,  please visit my FAQ page. There is no table massage available while I am traveling.  THE BED WILL BE USED IN PLACE OF THE TABLE.

1. FBSM (non-gfe) 1 HAPPY hour - 200 
2. FBSM (non-gfe) 1.5 HAPPY hour -  300
3. FBSM (gfe) 1 hour - 375
4. FBSM (gfe) 1.5 hours - 500 ( includes shower fun) 

(There is no 1 hour NURU available so please don't ask)
1. NURU (non-gfe) 1.5 HAPPY hour - 325 ( no kisses or lovin)
2. NURU (gfe) 1.5 hours - 550  ( rub a dub dub, lots of love)              
3. NURU (gfe) 2 hours - 700 ( luxury package- Warning: we may get dirty)
4. NURU SLEEPOVER, starting at 1,500 (approx. 12 hours)  After a long day of traveling or a stressful day at work, you deserve to be pampered.  I guarantee that after your NURU massage, you will hardly be able to keep your eyes open and you will sleep like a baby. My NURU is one of the best remedies for insomnia and for relief of those aches and pains that may keep you up at night. Most men prefer staying the night with me instead of booking a hotel room.  Incall or outcall  


* If you are interested in a package that is not listed here, please inquire.

For those of you who may be seeking a traveling companion,  I am your girl.  My rate is $600.00 a day with all other expenses paid. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the fact that I offer a a variety of services, please let me if our time together is for a massage or not when contacting me so I may be more prepared for our visit together. ANY DISCUSSION INTIATED BY YOU PERTAINING TO MONEY, SEXUAL ACTIVITIES, OR RATES WILL END OUR CONVERSATION IMMEDIATELY. 

Overnight Outcall $1,300.00 overnight packages are available and starting at 1,300  


Check out my Amazon Wishlist

I do love gifts and appreciate your thoughtfullness. If you would do the honor of donating some money to one of the following charities, it would make me very happy.  One of my favorite non-profit organizations "Arkrain" is located in Memphis Tennessee. They rescue abused and neglected animals of all sorts and offer them a home to live the rest of their days in peace and harmony.  The other organization which I am very fond of and desperately needs your help is "Doginham Palace" which is located right here in Nashville. I am in no way form or fashion associated with either of these organizations so you have no need to concern yourself with your private info. being divulged.  I am sure if you google their names, you will find thier information or please feel free to contact me and I will gladly share with you their website information. Thanks so much for your help.

I do have a wishlist on Amazon that I just started.  I am sure as time goes by,  I will be adding more items.  

Favorite flowers:
yellow roses and lilly's

Favorite drinks:
Chimay beer and kombucha

Favorite authors:
John Sanford, James Patterson and Janet Evanovich 




Hello Lover,

I am so delighted that we can share some sacred time and begin our journey together. Like yourself, I want to feel confident that the person that I am spending alone time with is a safe individual that will not put me in harms way nor treat me disrespectfully. My special friends rely on me to remain discreet and to keep them safe from any outside distractions, risks, or dangers. In order to continue being discreet and safe from any outside dangers, please either fill out my contact form or  send me your verifiable information by email unless you are a verified member of P411, or date-check. Please understand that my safety as well as yours, and my other "special friends" is paramount to me. All information that you provide me with is strictly confidential, and will be exspunged upon completion of you getting verified. Please keep in mind that we are perfect strangers and I know nothing about you.  That being said, unless your name is Sam Elliott or Kevin Costner, screening is required.  Please note: I can most certainly empathize with you being hesitant about sharing your personal information to a complete stranger which is why I implore you to do your research on me.  When you do, you will find that your personal information is very safe with me. Once you and I visit with one another and you should decide to visit with another companion in the future, there will probably be no need to to share your personal information again as I make a great provider reference.

Last minute appts are available granted we have previously met or I am able to  screen you quickly.


LADIES: If you are a provider seeking a reference, please do not call or text me. Instead, I ask that you email me along with your website info and/or your P411 profile information. If you don't have a website or you are not a reputable provider, I will not share any information about any of my "special friends" with you unless I receive permission from the gentleman in which you are inquiring about.


Fill out my Contact Form HERE


WHAT IS A NURU MASSAGE?   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuru_(massage)    CLICK ON LINK

A nuru massage is a ancient Japanese art type of bodyslide and massage which I am very fond of and which I recommend for individuals who are generally active or who work in a highly stressful job. It is one of the most sensual and erotic massage that you will ever experience. It is a combination of a sport, swedish and deep tissue massage. With over 8 years of experience, I am an expert at this massage. I keep to the traditions of the nuru massage whilst adding my own unique touches. Being a yoga instructor, my body is very flexible and stretch into many positions so I may be more accommodating to you. Your sensual NURU massage begins with preparing your body and mind with a luxurious hot shower where I bathe you with special exfoliating gloves and invorgorating scented soap. A lot can happen while the 2 of us are in the shower but I will leave that up to your imagination. After our shower playtime, you will be asked to lay face down on the NURU mattress while I apply and rub sensual and soothing, lightly scented warm oil on your entire body which will allow me to slither and suspend my body on top of yours while using just enough pressure to ease any aches or discomfort you may be having.  You will immediately feel the tension and anxiety escape. After some time, you will then turn over where I will treat your front side with the same care as your backside. The results is a complete and all together experience like none other and will take you to a complete state of euphoria. I take great pride in my ability to provide this unique and amazing type of service for you and I value the healing aspect it provides. Every effort will be made to help you relax in an atmosphere with scented candles, soft music, and dimmed lights. It is not only erotic but it is wonderful for massaging those achy muscles, relieving stress and tension and all the healthful benefits of a deep tissue massage. Both of us will be genuinely left with a sense of mind and body wellbeing that surpasses any other arousing experience. You will be feel like a new man at the end of your unforgetable session. This type of massage is available both incall and outcall.  PLEASE DON'T CONFUSE MY NURU WITH WHAT YOU SEE IN THE X-RATED VIDEOS OR COPYCAT VERSIONS OFFERED. MY NURU IS THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE VERSION.  Please read my reviews to learn more.   Please note: If you weigh more than 300 pounds or have more than a 41 inch waist,  I can not accommodate you with a NURU. 

WHAT TYPE OF PRODUCT DO YOU USE FOR THE NURU?  Instead of the NURU gel, I use only the best lightly scented oil for your massage.  It is made up of all natural and holistic plant oils. I feel the gel is too expensive and does not work as well as the oil. After your massage, you will be pleasantly surprised to find your skin feeling fresh and soft and not greasy or oily. THE OIL IS TASTELESS AND IS NOT MESSY OR SMELLY like some other products. There will be a shower available for you afterwards should you choose to do so. 

This is for evening appts and for gentlemen who has a desire to be completly spoiled and pampered in every way imaginable or for those that may have difficulty sleeping. This service is very popular, especially with the those who travel extensively. Once you arrive, the pampering begins. I will have some wonderful appetizers and a chilled beverage waiting for you upon your arrival. When you finally lay your head down, you won't have any dificulty falling fast asleep.  I promise you that it will be the best sleep that you have experienced in a while. You will feel revived and energized the next morning and ready to take on the world.  With this type of service, there is no need to book a hotel room or no need to worry about returning to your destination without falling asleep at the wheel that evening. Breakfast in bed is included.

Yes, I do and enjoy it tremendously.  I feel that this is the best part of our date.  I enjoy everday activities such as sharing a meal at a nice restaraunt, enjoying a movie together, playing putt putt, canoing and other outdoor activities.  My donation for time outside of the office is listed on my rates page.

Yes, I offer outcall anywhere within 20 miles outside of my incall at an additional cost of $25.00. If the distance is any further, I kindly ask for an additional donation for gas and time. If the outcall is for a NURU, there is an additional cost of $50.00.  This is due to the fact that it takes approx. 15 minutes to prepare for our time together once I arrive and 15 minutes to break my equipment down.  

My Nashville accommodations is my very own. It is quaint and cozy and is located near Hillsboro Village in a quite and upscale area of town. It is furnished with stylish decor, comfortable upscale furniture and beautiful scenic artwork. While touring, I choose only high quality accommodations. When traveling, I prefer staying in a short time rental home versus a hotel room during my traveling.  I have found that most gentlemen would rather visit me in this type of accommodation due to the privacy.  I don't do well in small confined spaces.  I find that staying in a home is so much more relaxing and comfortable.

Yes, I offer my shower to anyone who feels the need to refresh themselves before or after our time together. I also have available any toiletries that you may need such as hair and body shampoo, dental care, body lotion and etc. If you are partaking in one of my NURU's, a shower with me is included (please read NURU description)

Yes, my photos are very accurate and not photoshopped. Some of them are older and some of them are recent. My photos are very consistant to what I look like at the present time. I work hard to stay fit and in shape and to maintain my toned physique so that I can be the perfect companion for you. I do try to update my photos as often as possible.

The quickest and easiest way to get you verified is by your employment information.  I do not call you at work unless that is what you prefer. Once you give me your information, I simply google you to make sure the information that you have provided me with is accurate. An ID may be required as well. Another option is for you to present me with your work ID or by sending me your linked in information. All personal information is immediately exspunged immedialtely afterwards.  If you don't have references and refuse to give me your employment information then that tells me that you have not done your research on me or you intend to mean me harm.  My reputation speaks for itself. As you will find, I have been in the business of entertaining gentlmen for approx. 13 years. I have had the priviledge to visit with some of the most upscale and highly professional gentlemen ever. In order to keep myself and them safe, I must be selective in the gentlemen that I spend time with. Within the last 13 years,  most of my gentlemen friends have given me their employment information without any issues. That being said, your information will be treated with the same respect as theirs. I don't consider you any more special or more important as them. If you would rather give me references, I require that your references come from at least 2 reputable providers that you have visited with within the last 6 months. I also accept P411 or Rs2000. If none of these are an option, there are other avenues that we can explore in order to get you verified. Please understand that if you contact me and want to visit with me fairly soon, it may be some time before I hear back from your provider references. This is why I highly recommend that you share with me your work information.  I can not stress enough how important it is for not only myself but my special friends to feel safe each and everytime we visit one another. They depend on me to keep them safe and I will not let them down.  I DO NOT NOR WILL NOT TAKE RISKS!  

I enjoy spending time with discerning and classy individuals who enjoys life as much as myself.  I enjoy deep and intelligent conversations. That being said, my brain is my number one sex organ so if you can entertain me in that regard, then we are a match. To me, personality is everything. I am very attracted to individuals who are intelligent, is diverse in many subjects, has an outgoing personality and one who can make me laugh.  Your personality plays a big part in my decision to visit with you or not. Your looks comes secondary. Usually when you book,  I do require for you to contact me by phone or perhaps meet outside of my private accommodations before our scheduled time together to have the opportunity to learn more about each other and to ensure that we both feel comfortable with one another.  If you haven't done so already, please take the time to read my reviews.  You will find that I am the most down to earth and welcoming person that you will ever meet.

30 minutes in not an option. I don't like to be rushed while I am in the company of a gentleman. I enjoy deep and enlightning conversation entwined with light kissing, sensual touches, and lots of flirting till I can't wait any longer to have you in my arms. There is no way that we can aquire that level of intimacy in 30 minutes.

Absolutely. I love spending time with both ladies and gentlemen. It allows me the best of both worlds. However; for safety reasons, both individuals will need to pass my screening unless I have visited with one of you recently. I ask for a donation of $75 in addition to my regular donation for each hour while spending time with couples.

I accept cash, credit cards, Visa, AE and MC gift cards. A 3% convenience fee will be added to my donation amount when paying with a credit card. Please refrain from donating any monies till the end of our visit. I want to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with our time together before I accept your donation.

Yes, provided that you give me sufficient information to where you can quickly get verified as a safe date unless we have visited with one another before.  

Yes,  I do travel.  I love traveling so much that my rate is only $600.00 a day granted you pay for all of my other expenses such as flying, food, activities, and and etc. THIS RATE IS FOR THE 2 OF US TRAVELING TOGETHER ONLY.